Biswakiran Limbu

Biswakiran Limbu’s Portrait

Chocolate Factory

The theme of fluidity is central to my design for the Chocolate Factory Project. The concept of  mobility in all its various manifestations. The premise that whether you're working or socializing, you  should be able to move freely and without feeling impeded. According to my study, it was once quite  difficult to make curved structures, but with technological advancements, it is now simple. Zaha  Hadid, an architect, is one individual who has influenced me. Curves in various sizes and forms are  used in most of her major projects. As a designer, I believed I could apply the notion of fluidity in  interior spaces as well. 

Because design has no limitations or constraints, it relies on your vision, thus I attempted to make  most of the spaces futuristic, warm, and tranquil in The Project Chocolate Factory. There are also  several self-designed elements, such as the furniture, ceilings on the First Floor of the buildings, or  the Waterfall, which serves as the Heart of the Buildings. 

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