Diego Nogueira

Diego Nogueira’s Portrait

Chocolate Factory- Design Hub

Over the past two years the all too familiar working space has become an alien landscape. Customs  and traditions vital for collaboration, creativity and innovation vanished overnight without a physical  space to exist in. The concept Darkness into Light proposes breaking through those dark times and  bringing light and familiarity to the workplace. My design was inspired by the optics theory and the  studies about light. By researching light behaviour and the transformative power of light I was able  to conceptualised a dynamic, modern, and exciting design. One of my main concerns for this project was the lack of natural light inside the Chocolate Factory building. As a solution to that, I designed a void that goes all the way up to the top of the building, flooding the space with natural light. The  layout was also changed to create an open space to promote engagement and collaboration, and a  space which light can travel easily through. Clear white walls, wood panels, polished concrete  flooring and the use of glass will modernize this iconic building and will guarantee the serenity and  cosiness needed for creatives.

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