Guilherme Barros

Guilherme Barros’s Portrait

The Chocolate Factory – a co-working hub designed to bring people together

The re-model of the Chocolate Factory aims to establish the building as a hub  for the Dublin community, encouraging people to visit the Dublin 01 area. The building  features multiple co-working scenarios across the first and second floor, from hot desks to  hybrid meeting rooms and everything in between. The ground floor, third floor as well as  the roof feature dining experiences, adding to the vibrant culinary scene of the area.  

My intention with the re-model was to explore the concept of design bringing people  together to collaborate, dream and aspire. Solutions such as comfortable lounge areas in  between departments, and large standing tables in the cafe were some of the design  choices led by this. The goal was to help promote the exchange of ideas with different  groups, and allow for quick catch-ups over coffee.  

The developed materials palette aims to create a strong tactile and visual experience, with  a calm and natural base of light oak throughout, and the addition of a ‘tactile punch’ with  plaster walls, intricate stones and different finish metals.

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