Hai Long Hoang

Hai Long Hoang’s Portrait

Vietnam Mê

There are approximately 4.5 million overseas Vietnamese; they make up the fifth-largest Asian diaspora. Despite this, positive representation of Vietnamese people in mainstream media is very lacking and I would like to change that. While the first generation of immigrants faced many problems with fitting into their host country, the second generation is facing a whole different set of problems with developing their sense of self and identity. For these children of immigrants, this is extra challenging because they are under the influence of two or more cultures. 

The word “mê” in Vietnamese has many meanings. One of its meanings is to have passion and love for something. With the “Vietnam Mê” campaign, I want to empower overseas Vietnamese through positive representation and inspire them to follow their dreams. Taking inspiration from Vietnamese culture, this campaign features four successful, talented and confident Vietnamese that grew up abroad. “Vietnam Mê” will be the main theme of the next Banana Fest, an annual festival for Vietnamese in the Czech Republic. 

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