Hannah Willis

Hannah Willis’s Portrait

The Factory Co Working Space, Dublin

The Factory is Dublin’s newest coworking space for Professionals and Creatives. The concept of  the design is centred around a workspace that meets the environmental, social and economical  needs for both the building and people within it. 

The design helps achieve Environmental sustainability by implementing green practices for the  users and the building relying on the natural energy that surrounds it, Social sustainability by  creating spaces which help people collaborate with each other and; Economical sustainability by  ensuring the building and its practices are running efficiently, but also helping the users by  providing money saving facilities such as a free gym, and secure bike park. 

It's Important for everyone to enjoy where they go and what they do every day, as well as feeling  like they are part of something. They Factory will be a place not just to work, but be an important  part of a sustainable lifestyle.

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