Ida Helen Blyberg

Ida Helen Blyberg’s Portrait

The Chocolate Factory – Office Design

The main focus for the new start for a collaborative space in the Chocolate Factory building is inclusiveness.  This will be the new it-place to turn to if in need of a new start. The building will provide with a public café and  event space, where the event space can act as for example a gallery. Entering the working spaces you will feel a  warm welcome in to a creative and free space to do as you please. Everything is up to you. You will get the  opportunities to feel creative and stimulated but also have options to calm the mind, focus and retract to do  your own thing. If you feel like learning something new from the neighbour-desk there will be arranged  workshops to get the chance to learn from each other across of disciplines, inspired by the design thinking  method. The clients this collaborative office space will suit for is a wide group of different people and  disciplines. The main focus is for creative disciplines such as designers, illustrators, photographers, architects,  etc. This is the merge of all different types of people with different needs and wants. 

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