Jason Foreman

Jason Foreman’s Portrait

The Chocolate Factory

The Chocolate Factory was once home to the Willams & Woods Chocolate factory making confectionary such as Toblerone and Mint Crisp. By looking into the buildings past I was able to create a new collaborative office space and rooftop restaurant fit for the future. The chocolate bar would prove the perfect inspiration for my design with its strong lines and architectural qualities. Entering a new interior should feel like the first time you tasted good chocolate. 

Wood panelled walls broken with panes of glass set around a central void create new offices and invites light into this once cavernous building. Rows of Japanese and Irish ferns help frame the opening reaching down like drips of melted chocolate.   A new roof top restaurant invites guests to take pictures and share the space online as angular and organic forms sit in juxtaposition representing the shapes chocolate can sometimes take. 

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