Karla Sosa

Karla Sosa’s Portrait

The Library

Producer Benedetta Bracco wrote the script for ‘The Library’ based on a personal experience that touches on an emotional subject. It portrays a mother-daughter relationship. When I pitched to be in charge of this project, I had to make sure that Benedetta trusted that, first of all, the story would be told by another woman, showing the love and care the mother and daughter characters have for each other. Showing that it is okay to accept that we are all weak sometimes because that comes with being a living, sentient being. Highlighting that mental health is equally as important as physical health. Reminding everyone that although the issue of gun control mainly affects the United States, it also affects the rest of the world. I am happy that the crew for this project is female-dominated: our director of photography who did an amazing job with the visuals, Benedetta who initially gave life to the project, and Sarah Walsh who plays the character Alice and gave us an incredible performance, little Emmy, and me.  

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