Maksim Aleshnikov

Maksim Aleshnikov’s Portrait

The Library

‘The Library’ is a socially important project that explores themes of gun violence and school shootings which have become a big problem in our society. The film follows a single mother who survived a school shooting when she was a child. As she brings her daughter to her first day of school, it causes all the terrifying memories to come back into the mother’s mind. During the film, we explore these themes as well as the theme of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and how harmfully it can affect people’s lives. ‘The Library’ will not leave you indifferent and will force you to consider these themes. My main goals as editor were to reveal and explore the childhood trauma of the main heroine and to emphasise how trauma can affect human life, and also create a narratively clear, beautiful, and effective short film.

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