Nishaant Singh Bhinder

Nishaant Singh Bhinder’s Portrait

Abstract Painting

It was one amazing journey painting this unconventional idea onto a blank canvas and transforming it into ‘Abstract Painting’. I will not use too many words to describe it, instead, I will let the film be the thing that deserves your attention. All I can say is that the message of our film accurately reflects the process of creating it, which is that ‘sometimes the thing of true beauty, comes out of the chaos’. I am a young director and screenwriter from Chandigarh, India currently situated in Dublin, Ireland. I finished my schooling in 2018 and have been making films ever since. I have two features and six short films as a director under my belt and have worked on countless smaller projects. I founded an independent film production company ‘Tranza Studios’ along with friends in 2017. Tranza now operates in India, Ireland, and Canada focusing on delivering realistic and advanced storytelling, thereby trying to change the taste and scope of Indian Cinema too one day. 

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