Oluwademilade Sulaiman

Oluwademilade Sulaiman’s Portrait

Chocolate Factory

The point of inspiration for my concept was the amazing almost grotesque shape I saw on the bathroom floor in the lady’s bathroom at the chocolate factory. I developed this idea and tore it apart to arrive at my concept which is the: Texture of Time.  

This is the idea that texture is affected as time moves on and you are left with what is behind. The meaning changes as time goes on. This shows that there is beauty in chaos, beauty in the damaged, and encourages one to embrace different and this is simply a statement that it is here to stay.  

This also influenced my concept model which is the idea that there is silence in chaos. It does not have to be overpowering as it can be subtle and beautiful.  

The office design is targeted at designers such as Interior, graphic, fashion, and furniture designers.  Photographers, filmmakers, artists, and event planners. I chose this target group because I believe they communicate in the same language and can easily work together in the space.  

 This building encourages everyone who comes across it to look twice just as I have done during my entire process of achieving my design. It's inspirational and urges everyone to be inspired by the chaos.  

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