Orlagh Fitzpatrick

Orlagh Fitzpatrick’s Portrait

Renovation of The Chocolate Factory Building into the new Savills Hybrid Office, King’s Inn Street.

In a post Covid world, corporate offices have had to take a leap into a new way of working. The  redesign is to create a working environment that is typically known as traditional and turning it into  a space that attracts not only employees but a community of people. The concept for the design is  the four constellation elements. Each one representing a key factor that will entice the people into  the space. Fire, the hook. Water, representing wellness. Air, where oxygen flows the mind can  thrive, these areas seek out inspiration and learning. Earth, the feeling of being close to nature  throughout the building helps boost productivity. The building will consist of a large gym and  wellness studio, restaurant and rooftop bar, collaborative, and individual working spaces as well  formal and informal meeting rooms. Bespoke furniture and design will be seen throughout creating  a fun and interactive environment.

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