Umberto Aragno

Umberto Aragno’s Portrait


The inspiration for the design of Phase: Creative offices was drawn from the largest moon in our solar system, namely, Ganymede. The moon has served as a source of inspiration to creative minds since the beginning of time.  Incorporating themes of space, light, and shape, Ganymede informs many of the functional and aesthetic design choices of this project. Curved, modular spaces provide privacy for users, while more inclusive co-working spaces are bathed in curvilinear lighting and have a natural flow. This lunar backdrop creates the perfect environment to explore ideas and accomplish work goals. 

Phase: Creative offices cater to a community of independent people from different creative disciplines who wish to work together in a vibrant, stimulating atmosphere. Interior designers, graphic designers, photographers, event planners, fine artists, and web designers often work together in order to collaborate on projects and complement each other’s disciplines. 

Phase: Creative is the perfect fit for every artistic profession, offering both private office

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