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Interior Architecture

Proposed Restaurant render

35 Barrow Street, Docklands, Dublin

For this project I have explored the readaptation and reuse of an existing building, by turning the office spaces of a law firm into a social hub suitable for all people and the surrounding community. The primary objective has been to create a third place, a space between work and home that is inviting. My concept is inspired by Terrariums and the book “The Great Good Place” by Ray Oldenburg which discusses the concept of a third place. The new space plan focuses on open yet intimate spaces with a calm and refreshing atmosphere, which inspires and initiates stress relief. Multifunctionality is a part of the design, all spaces are made as universal as possible. The design style is contemporary, with a lot of biophilic elements and a natural colour palette.

Proposed Hotdesking render

Proposed Booth seating render

Proposed First Floor render

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