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Alexandra Fouquart-Poulaud

Alexandra Fouquart-Poulaud’s Portrait

The redesign of the County Arms Hotel has been a huge project. The initial structure and architecture of the building was both complicated and very intersting. The rich history of the hotel inspired my concept idea. Combining the main activity of the hotel, wich is often hosting weddings, and the era of the building itself, which dates back to the Georgian era. I stopped myself on the romantic era and focused my whole design around the romanticism, by the colors, the materials, the forms. To create spaces all united by the same concept, while keeping different atmospheres. After researching how I could best convey my concept, I found that movement in all its forms would bring something more concrete within the romantic design. As I explain in my concept development, movement takes many forms and surrounds us. It is with this that I was able to create a real connection between the rooms, reminiscent of the union of marriage, or even, on the scale of a hotel, that the union of all the rooms, which all play an important role in this kind of building.

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