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Christopher Lyons

Christopher Lyons’s Portrait

Strangers is a film that centres around a mother and daughter with the mother forgetting who her daughter is due to early onset Alzheimer’s and thinking that her daughter is a stranger.

I have a personal connection to the script as my own grandmother had dementia before she passed away and I wanted to bring more light to dementia and Alzheimer’s while giving the viewer a better understanding of topic.

I developed this story by doing extensive research and finding statistics on dementia and Alzheimer’s and educating myself on the topic of the disease. By talking to family members and friends that have had loved ones with dementia or Alzheimer’s and gettng them to explain to me what they experienced to gain a beAer understanding.

This film is for people that have or had loved ones develop dementia and Alzheimer’s and to let them know they are not alone during this difficult experience in their life.

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