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Elena Bridgeman

Elena Bridgeman’s Portrait

'Psychedelic' is a comedy, following a pair of friends as they go on an acid trip together. After Tony and his girlfriend Aisling have had a falling out, she leaves the house. Tony is left to wallow in his own self-pity. His best mate Dean, a bubbly, charismatic character, comes by, suggesting the two do acid, to take Tony's mind off Aisling. This results in them going on a random and whacky journey to their ultimate destination, the beach.

As the writer of the project I based the film off myself and the friendships I have. My goal was to create goofy characters that struggle with underlying struggles which you will see with Tony’s relationship with his girlfriend Aishling.

As the Director of Photography on this project I wanted to incorporate shots that would take us on Tony and Deans acid trip. Using a one-shot and different camera angles throughout the film, and to create a bright and saturated colour palette.

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