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Gabriel Joaquin Juan

Gabriel Joaquin Juan’s Portrait

Spring Summer 23’ REVELATION is the debut collection for namesake brand Gabriel Joaquin Juan. Self-loathing, devoured by sins and weakness, the designer found himself at the mercy of God for repentance. ‘REVELATION’ explores the designer's rekindling of faith in God, through worship and study of the final book in the New Testament Bible “The Book of Revelations”. The Book of Revelations is a Biblical record from John of a series of apocalyptic visions Of God’s unfathomable power; The Four Horseman (Rev. 6:1-17), Seraphim (Rev. 4:8), Lamb of God (Rev. 5:6), Sea of Blood (Rev. 16:3) which influenced the collections silhouettes, colour and fabric choice. The brand is proud to have worked with “Culatta Cavallo Fiore” a leather from the historic tannery Conceria di Cuoiami Guidi Rosellini. Leathers were forced into unconventional means through wet moulding, the fragile lace knit manipulated into rigidly structured garments and the traditional linen was left raw in unhinged beauty. Gabriel Joaquin Juan is the quintessential expression of Dark Luxury Ready-To-Wear collection emerging from a vision that entails shock culture and storytelling. Blended with the brand's DNA of quality and redefining traditional tailoring and silhouettes, yield original collections which are showcased bi-annually, in limited quantities.

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