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Basement Spa Centre

Black Rock Centre is located on Main Street, Blackrock, Dublin. Originally a College of Further Education, it is now a mixed-use community space and a health and wellness centre. It comprises of assessment and treatment rooms for muscular and skeletal issues, a relaxing spa area with a swimming pool, a gym and a yoga room. The community area offers regular health and well-being talks and various cultural activities. The restaurant has been designed for the top floor, where breath-taking sea views and healthy meals can be enjoyed.

The ‘Dawn to Dusk’ concept was inspired by the orientation of the building and its glazed atrium that experiences the changes of light throughout the day. Studies suggest that the colour of light can have healing powers. Light and its colour transforms gradually throughout the project, where the basement pool is the darkest space, and the top floor restaurant is the brightest area.

Top Floor Restaurant

Exterior of the building

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