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Greg Smyth Bernes

Greg Smyth Bernes’s Portrait

Dublin is Kinky explores family and community among queer men in the city. The concept of the “chosen family” is an important one among queer people across the world and, as the film’s director, wanted to communicate the importance of self-confidence and the wonderful support a loving community can give. The film is largely comprised of black-and-white footage that pays homage to queer artists that came before. I combined the effects of photography with traditional documentary filmmaking to capture the positivity of this community.

At a time like this when the lives and rights of queer people are being contested once again, it’s vitally important to highlight the power and beauty of the queer community, especially the community surrounding queer sexuality. There are a lot of misunderstandings around this particular community; a sexually liberated group of people who remain unafraid to live their lives the way they want. 

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