Greg Young

Greg Young’s Portrait

‘The Invisible Ones’

‘The Invisible Ones’ is a documentary aiming to shine a light on the verbal and physical abuse experienced by food delivery cyclists on a regular basis in Ireland. We interviewed four cyclists, Pamela Alonso, Guillermo Ampuero, Edvania Fiuza, and Gabriel Aviña about their experiences and future aspirations. We also filmed them while they were out delivering. From early on in the pre-production phase, I began learning a lot about this issue which I never knew before. As well as learning about the issue the experience of making the film taught me a lot about being a production manager. It was my first time being the production manager on a project. I had researched this role and worked very closely with the director and producer in areas of safety, logistics, and budget allocation. It covers issues I’m passionate about in-depth and I’m truly grateful to have worked on such an important project. 

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