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Interior Architecture

3D Render of the Exterior of the Building

The debate over nature versus nurture has been going on for centuries. Aristotle argued that the human brain is a blank slate. The belief is that we are born without any pre-existing knowledge, habits or skills and have to learn everything through experience. The goal of Blank Slate Community Centre is to provide a space where people can come and develop good habits and skills by using the assorted facilities. The brief I was given by Dublin City Council includes an educational space, a café, an activity space, a workspace, and green space. Blank Slate Community Centre aims to attract young people of all ages.

My concept for this project is “Nurture”, which means to “Care for and protect something or someone while they are growing”. I have chosen this concept because I want the community centre to nurture people’s minds with knowledge and new skills.

3D Render of the Café

3D Render of the Roof Top Green Space

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