Jocelyn Schönemann

Jocelyn Schönemann’s Portrait


UNEXPECTED is a Fall/Winter 2022 techwear collection for active men and women and deals with the question of how clothing will have to change in the future to protect people from the rapid increase of climate catastrophes such as floods and wildfires. In order to achieve this, these garments have been designed to incorporate inflatable life jackets, integrated floatable collars and special pockets for insertion of buoyancy devices. The base layer undergarments are made of fireproof jersey inspired by current motor-racing suits, and include built-in face masks, socks and gloves for full-body protection. Outerwear is designed to be water-repellent and reflective and is lined with fireproof fleece and thermo-insulating materials to further protect the wearer. The colour scheme is inspired by the art and sculptures of one of my favourite artists KAWS and especially his iconic character “Companion" who is a dark interpretation of today's society. A functional greyscale palette is contrasted with a multicoloured print that gives the wearer full mix and match wardrobe options. UNEXPECTED is a collection of modern attitudes for climate warriors who want to promote a discussion through clothing and raise awareness of our environmental crisis while looking comfortable, edgy and contemporary.

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