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Kine Sophie Steffensen

Kine Sophie Steffensen’s Portrait

Strangers explores the relationship between a mother and daughter as they walked down memory lane as strangers. The framing in the film changes as does the pacing of each shot. The mother is placed alone and enclosed on a bench while she observes passing mothers and daughters. It was my inten,on to visualize the feeling of being trapped in your own mind by having her in a ,ght frame. Years after my grandmother passed away, I finally felt I could write and explore her story. Coming from a stoic family who has dealt with quite emo,onal experiences, I wanted to communicate the subtleness in which love is shown... even when it is painful. The story was made with family in mind, however the film invites people into a space where they can experience and hopefully resonate with the story, whether they have experienced demen,a in their personal lives, or not.

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