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Laura Halton

Laura Halton’s Portrait

'Psychedelic' is a comedy, following a goofy pair of friends as they go on a drug trip together. After Tony and his girlfriend Aisling have had a falling out, she struts out of the house, leaving Tony to wallow in his own self-pity. His best mate Dean, a bubbly, charismatic and (let's be honest, short of a few cents) character, comes by, suggesting the two do acid, to take Tony's mind off Aisling. This results in them going on a random and whacky journey to their ultimate destination, the beach. (God knows why, we’ll blame the drugs for that). With the use of visual effects, saturated colour grading and some interesting foley sounds, we created a look and feel to the film to mimic some of the experiences and feelings felt on acid, the paranoia, objects becoming obscure and a bright and saturated colour palette. As the director of the project, my goal was to create a type of immersive experience for the audience to bring them on the journey with the characters (minus the need for psychedelics). I wanted to direct a comedy for the simple reason of bringing smiles and laughs to the people watching.

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