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Interior Architecture

Mikaella Casimiro Araujo

Mikaella Casimiro Araujo’s Portrait

New Exhibition Space

The Oasis building is located at 77 Gardiner Street Upper, Dublin, one of Dublin's best-known Georgian building areas. The building will be transformed into an Arts Centre, connected to a café and a coworking space. The design concept and the use of the human senses make the space memorable for users. The centre has an art form for all the senses: Painting, Sculpture, Perfumery and Music Classes. The project aims to highlight the characteristics of an Oasis through the senses throughout the building. Using light, shade, colours, textures, proportions, humidity and smells. The new space plan brings fluidity to the building, allowing access to all areas with universal design. The new open spaces bring more nature into the building. In the design, the colours have been limited to maintain the characteristics of Oasis. 

Proposed Student Lounge

Proposed Café design

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