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“With Love, Morgan” is a men and womenswear collection for A/W 2024. This collection aims to represent the love we have for one another through the medium of thermographic imagery after the impact of isolation during Covid 19.

The pandemic forced a separation of physical connection in all relationships, be they families, lovers or friends. This brought a great sense of loneliness during a time of loss, affecting our wellbeing both physically and mentally. Being unable to embrace and experience human touch created a distance between those closest to us and has left a divide in our relation- ships.

This collection explores the simplicity of a hug through the use of ther-mochromic dyes and a bright colour palette represents the heat produced through embracing one another.

Tailored, sporty silhouettes include laser-cut outs inspired by modern fig- urative sculpture, colour-changing details and swing tags encouraging the wearer to practice self-care.

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