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Interior Architecture

Oluwademilade Sulaiman

Oluwademilade Sulaiman’s Portrait


This project is a self-development community centre that answers to a social responsibility of its area, using the existing Seda college, located at 68-72 Capel Street, Dublin 1, this building will be converted into the proposed community centre and this community centre’s objective is to essentially be a place where people can develop themselves both mentally and physically. My concept for this project is Cacography, inspired from the graffiti art on the walls of the existing building, this can be seen as vandalism, however, this allowed me to create a space that challenged perspectives beyond one’s expectations and imagination of what anything was to be. The graffiti art on the walls could look like vandalism or it could be incorporated into what a self-development centre could be: it could be fun, creative and be a symbol of peace. The idea is about embracing and creating a space that is unrecognizable to your “norm”. 

Auditorium Seating


Café view 1 

Café view 2

Exterior of Building

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