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These photographs were taken over the course of the first year I lived in Crumlin, south Dublin. The work seeks to create a unique visual record of the area and it’s residents by capturing moments that represent both what the area is like and what people in Crumlin do. The intention of the work is to translate my own experience of living in Crumlin while also challenging any preconceptions of the place. By showing fragmented elements of the community, the narrative is not conventional, but rather it attempts to represent the random nature of life in a typical city suburb. 

The project was based on discovery, curiosity, chance and determination. A chance conversation led to ninety three year old Breda Connell, who has lived on Cashel Road since 1938, and still takes the bus to Rathmines each morning for mass. There was an opportunity to photograph famed stain glass artist, James Cox, originally from Roscommon, at his Christmas party. An invite to training at Crumlin Boxing Club ended with a unique sparring session between a talented young boxer and Fionn, the trainer’s puppy. These are but a sample of the positive interactions that occurred over the duration of the project. 

As for Ollie Bolger, I was advised that he was quite the character and that I should definitely take his picture. Unfortunately that was no longer possible. Deceased 2015. 

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