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Interior Design

This project aims to redesign specific areas of the County Arms Hotel, creating an immersive wedding experience while maintaining a welcoming atmosphere for all guests. The focus is enhancing the reception area, improving circulation, and elevating the wedding experience. The goal is to make the hotel a comforting space where guests can revisit and relive their special memories. Inspired by the concept of mazes and their resemblance to the building's floor plans, I embarked on a journey to create a transformative experience for wedding couples—a true embodiment of hospitality. The resulting design blends Georgian-inspired elements with contemporary touches, staying true to the hotel's authentic charm while introducing fresh concepts. Traditional Georgian colors and wall detailing evoke a sense of tradition, while the furniture incorporates a contemporary feel with plush materials like leather and velvet. This harmonious contrast retains the County Arms Hotel's charm while embracing modern aesthetics.

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