Concept Design
Patients bedroom south facing, large windows to maximise daylight, and increase air circulation, the windows are equipped with automatic blackout shutters. Each room is equipped with its own private accessible bathroom, storage, and a lounge seating area. In addition the rooms are equipped with tea service station. The interior colour pallet is warm and calming to maximise comfort.
A close-in on the room lounge area, where the patient can spend time with friends and family and other fellow patients to support, and comfort one another.
Exterior Roof Top garden, on a sunny day a patient may visit this level to enjoy some sun warms in addition to a variety of board games, catch up on a simple talk or simply read a book. My thesis concluded the positivity of surrounding patients with nature hence the green roof top.
Interior Roof Top garden, on a rainy day a patient may visit this level to reconnect with nature and other fellow patients, the roof top is well insulated and room temperature is controlled.
Ground floor plan layout, includes a café, open restaurant, Yoga centre, consultation office, security and staff back of house.
First floor plan layout, to includes a 6 suits, medication room, laundry and storage room, a light well that also act as an interior garden.
Second floor plan layout, to includes a 6 suits, interior garden.