The image itself portrays the concept that I used to create the space. I looked at optical illusions. In a collage of four images, the concept represents geometric shapes, movement and flexibility, minimal in decor and design but yet again, a very contemporary space.
Image 2, on a very graphic representation, I have put together a visual to help understand the mood. We are designing for creative so I used black, blue, white and purple as a colour scheme to go through my building. The mood I am trying to achieve is first of all comfort through the use of ergonomics, modernism, simplicity and calmness to help be productive and creative.
Image 3 is an isometric view of the restaurant cafe which is located in the first floor of the building. It is open to artists and graphic designers who want a break from their work. I have drawn it up using isometric template with a 45 degree angle.
Image 4 is a rendered 3D view of the basement for the Jeweller’s office. The tone and colours with the light, represent how the interior looks when there is no working hours. Each Jeweller has his own cabinet with sufficient storage and their own working station.
Image 5 is also found in the basement. It shows how the optical illusion is presented in the interior glass structure. It is a place for relaxation, work, meetings and gatherings. The place will fill with noticeboards, announcements and on a daily basis, it will welcome staff in to work, as Jewellers.
Building rendering from the exterior. I drew the building up and added colour to it in photoshop. The idea is to show the exterior of the building, the concrete an yet again brick cladding. I put some people in to help visualise the difference between the height of humans and height of the building.
The image demonstrates the working office for an interior designer who needs some space for model making, a large screen to help with using the Software. The interior is very minimal and is still in process of being finished and furnished.