This image shows the first impressions of the outdoor collection 28 M2 with its different fabrics and reflective details.
The mood board shows the inspiration of the construction sites, impact protection and skate park shapes. A print was developed with a nail polish art, which has yellow, black and green splashes. The 28 M2 collection applies the concept of Tiny Houses to clothing. Living minimal by being able to live in your everyday clothes.
The four outfits selected from the entire collection form the perfect mini collection for a camping trip. Each outfit contains variable functions that can be transformed into camping gear.
This image gives an impression of how the dress is transformed into a tent. The dress can be worn for special occasions or used for a camping trip — couture meets trekking.
Model: Lisa Roth
This image shows impressions of outfit 4. The long waistcoat can be inflated into a sleeping mat. The chest bag has a skateboard holder in the back.
Model: Ava O'Grady
This image shows particularly well how the different fabrics in the outfit work together coherently. The gilet in the second outfit can be worn variably with different snap buttons. The front part can be folded back over the head and hides an additional backpack in a zip that can be taken out.
Models: Alex Kelleher, Ava O'Grady
This image conveys the vibe of the collection. A camping trip spontaneously in your own clothes. The third outfit can be seen in its function as a sleeping bag. For this, a gilet and jacket are joined together with a zip. The armholes as well as the neck hole can be closed with velcro parts and thus do not let any air into the foot end of the sleeping bag.
Photography: Samuel Souza
Models: Alex Kelleher, Lisa Roth, Ava O'Grady
This final image shows different combinations of the individual parts of the collection. All pieces are combinable, of high quality with many functions through pockets, clips and transformable pieces for the perfect spontaneous adventure. In the left corner is the brands logo.
Models: Alex Kelleher, Lisa Roth, Ava O'Grady, Tom Grinius, Tommy Garland