Proposed ground floor technical plan, showing the café area, canteen, garden spaces, reception, gift shop, commercial kitchen and lobbies. All dimensions and annotations are included as well as coded labels relating back to my schedules.
Proposed site map showing the new roof plan and surroundings of the project. This shows the newly installed glass extension design, garden areas, solar panels, roof lights, green roof and adjacent buildings around it. This best shows the sustainable aspects of the building.
Rendered north elevation showing the full design of both the new glass extension and the front façade. The outdoor garden area and first floor balcony can be seen from this view as well as a front view of the roof light and the adjacent buildings.
Rendered section view showing the interiors of the building as well as an insight into the design of the accommodation pods and how these are to sit within the double height space. This section shows the café area on the ground floor as well as the drop-down ceilings, and the living and working spaces on the first and mezzanine levels, pods included.
Accommodation pod details showing sectional views into the fiberglass pods and their interiors. This shows the desk space, storages spaces and bed as well as the materials and furniture that are to be used within the design.
Interior café view showing the interiors of the café space, the layout and the finishes specified. This space is for the public to integrate with the homeless to form a sense of connection and good relationships. Suspended seating and drop-down ceilings have been created to relate back to my concept design of pendulums.
Pod accommodation situated between the first floor and mezzanine levels. This view is to show how the accommodation pods work and how the double height space is to look on this floor. A grid has been designed above the pods to provide support for them to appear ‘suspended’ as per my concept design of pendulums.
Exterior view showing the outdoor café seating and the main entrance into the café. The main idea behind this space was to create more biodiversity and nature and to provide a good space for socials, as well as an aesthetically pleasing outdoor area to attract people to the building.