Branding — The ‘S’ from Sweeney’s combined to a number ‘8’ from Eighter properties which are the new administrators of the hotel now.
The view from reception. You can see the corridor and the reading room with the bespoke book shelves.
The bespoke glass shelves that contrast with the original walls bringing the contemporary feeling to the entrance.
The reading room was named after Charles Dickens whom Murray Sweeney was a big fan of. The wall paper has Charles Dickens own written words printed on it.
Miss Biddy Sweeney’s courtyard with glass retractable structure allowing the outdoor dinning experience through the whole year.
Bedroom entrance. A hand carved piece of wood containing an birds eye view of the island the room is named after.
Bedroom shower with colours of the see of the respective named island.
View of convention room and signature restaurant. The wooden acoustic panels from the convention room can be moved and placed on the walls giving an 236sq.m. for a wedding venue.