Ground Floor: The ground floor of the building houses its vast triple height glass atrium. There are floor-to-ceiling cedar wood soft partitions within the atrium that take advantage of the sheer volume. This is presented in tandem with the botanical design of the facility, encapsulating my consent of “Natural Introduction”.
First Floor: The first-floor bosts the open-aired farmers market, where the residents of the facility can sell the produce they have cultivated at the facility. This creates tight community integration with the users and sets up future developments for them within the agricultural industry.
Second Floor: The Second floor acts mostly as a space for mezzanine space, such as the lab 2 vertical garden walkway and the suspended bridge connecting the library and study areas.
Exterior Facade: The large curved glulam face acts as rain to the north elevation. The curved steel structure consists of hollow circular steel columns, 800mm in diameter. These vertical elements are supported by a top horizontal steel structure that acts as the furthest element to cantilever the longest glulam piece. The glulam wood is attached by flitch joints on every vertical element.
Ground Floor Office: These offices combine the selected soft pastel Pantone pallet of the project with more natural elements like the wood split in the flooring. These contemporary dynamic offices are designed to maximize user emotion within the workspace.
First Floor Transition Space: This zone within the building act as the crossing point from the lobby, offices, cafe, and farmers market. Integrated with vertical green walls that cover the elevator faces and the columns too. These are watered by the greywater extraction system that is present in the green roof design, completely self-sustaining.
Residential Pod Interior: A substantial aspect of this project was creating a residential community for those attending the facility. Using modular and prefabricated construction techniques I have designed a sustainable, cheap residential pod that integrates clean energy systems. These pods have warm and natural tones along with cherry and okay floor and feature wall finishes.
Vertical Farming Lab: Located on the second floor, lab-2 has a vertical farming rig that maximized water usage with circuit irrigation, a new agricultural technique to increase production efficiency.