This mood board demonstrates the desired atmosphere of 26 King’s Inn Street in keeping with the concept, the mood needed to feel casual, fun and relaxed while still keeping a connection to nature.
The concept for this project was simply ‘a walk in the park’. What better way to bring this mental image to life than creating this scale model of 1:20. That depicts a person casually walking through a scenic landscape.
As it turns out, a walk in the park can inspire even further creativity. This custom light fitting was designed to emulate the natural light that escapes through the trees and projects on the surfaces below.
This initial sketch perspective shows a desired look for an interior design office with a glazed black frame partition to maximise natural light throughout the space.
As an example of the design layout, this floor plan of the second level demonstrates the thought process. The central void allows of a lot of light while the surrounding walls follow it curvature. This increases the opportunity for curved walls and organic shapes.
These initial illustrations show the design development stages and how the layout is gradually transformed into the desired look.
This reflected ceiling plan shows the lighting layout for this particular space which is the interior design office. This lights are true to the concept and flow organically though the space. Not being constricted by the boundaries of the room.
This developed 3D visualisation shows the interior design office through the glazed partition of the sample room. This gives an impression of the rest of the building.