In this photo we can see the front and side elevations of the building's facade.
In this photo we can see the cuts that show some of the parts that stand out in the project.
In this picture we can see the drawing of the ground floor. It is a very important floor in the project, as it indicates how the atrium, restaurant and part of the library included in the project are conformed.
This picture shows us the cantilever of the offices and how the structural calculation was solved. It also shows us the different view from this location.
This picture shows the reception area and the first impressions of the views when entering the building.
This picture shows the library area located on the second floor of the building, it also show how the materials are chosen in the project and the simplicity of the finishes.
This picture we can see the rendering showing a corridor on the basement floor leading to the community center rooms and the auditorium.
In this picture we can see the rendering of the auditorium located in the basement floor, it also shows the lighting chosen in this space, as well as the materials and finishes proposed.