Introductory page featuring brand logo and collection logo.
This is the concept board for the collection. The visuals in this board represent the inspiration behind the collection and reflect the layered features on the garments themselves.
Outfit 1 is a mid-length dress with squared shoulders and layered organdie applique. The applique is inspired by pattern grading.
Model: Rebecca Bistagnin.
Photographer: Adisa Midzan.
Outfit 2 consists of a straight dress with an original all over print, and a coat with semi-transparent sleeves and placement print. Both prints were designed to empower the women who wear the garments.
Model: Yana Chystenko.
Photographer: Adisa Midzan.
Outfit 3 features a cropped, long sleeve top with organdie applique and wide leg trousers. All of the organdie and binding in this collection was hand dyed.
Model: Lily Mac Partlin.
Photographer: Adisa Midzan.
Outfit 4 is a three-piece outfit for which the patterns were drafted on CAD. It features a jersey crop top, slim trousers with organdie applique and an organdie coat with an alternative tailored collar.
Model: Mariana Carneiro.
Photographer: Adisa Midzan.
This image shows the full collection lineup.
This video provides a behind the scenes look at the ALL CUT FROM THE SAME CLOTH photoshoot which took place in Grey Area Dublin.