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Rory Mc Laughlin is a 21 year-old, Dublin-born photographer, who is eager to make his mark in the creative world. Having grown up in four countries across 2 continents, he possesses a unique perspective stemming from his multicultered upbringing. In 2020, soon after falling into photography, Rory was diagnosed with type-1 diabetes. This sparked a period of reflection regarding his own personal responsibility, as well as a deep interest in exploring the relationship between people and technology. Still very much in the learning stage, he draws from his experiences to create conceptually strong and narratively meaningful work.

Synthesis is an exploration of the entanglement between organic and synthetic life, featuring a collection of photographs capturing the beauty and decay of our environment. In this project, Rory collaborated with an Artificial Intelligence (Ava) to showcase the interplay between organic and synthetic elements. Each photograph serves as a testament to the unique perspective each brings to the table, with Rory providing the human touch, while Ava, as an artificial intelligence, brings its technical expertise and analytical eye. Through this project, they hope to inspire others to consider the ways in which we can work together to shape our shared future.

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