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Interior Design

The Function Room is set up to host a wedding for 300 people

This hospitality project was inspired by my engagement ring, and how light refracts in the diamond, from there the concept for the project became reflecTvity and refracTvity in a diamond. The overall mood for the project is hopefulness, luxury and happiness which I have achieved with the material choices.

This project needed to be more accessible to become inclusive to all visitors, and sustainability is at the heart of it, where I have considered each material selection as well as increasing biodiversity on the property.

The most important aspect of any wedding is to capture a moment, so the happy couple can look over it for the rest of their lives, this is why each space is designed to be ‘WOW’ worthy but neutral to become a backdrop for wedding photography.

Exterior render of an outdoor bar/wedding reception

Interior render of the hotel bar, where post-wedding drinks can take place

Interior render of the En Suite bedroom

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