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Anđela Hajduković

Anđela Hajduković’s Portrait

The concept behind our LUNA studio works merges fashion design with princi- ples from the STEM field. Our mission is to bring hope to the fashion industry by applying science, technology, engineering and math principles into the beautiful and futuristic garments that serve as collaborative momentum between the art of fashion and humanity knowledge. We see the current fashion system as outdated and corrupted, reflecting on every industry level. Also, we realise that fashion's negative public perception needs to be challenged. Our main aim is to give people different perspectives on the clothes we wear to give back appreciation and value lost in the current overconsumption economy. We are messengers of change in the fashion industry; we are messengers of a new system that respects our planet, ecosystem, and people. We are metamodernism.

The geodesic dome structure is a supreme example of an architectural marriage between form and function. Why geodesic dome? Our first fashion collection/exhibition, Minimal Complexity, is a pilot project that uses geodesic dome structure engineering principles to engineer space around the body. The end products are garments that give the wearer experience of geometry and comfort while alluding to a utopian future. Trough out history dome symbolised divinity, cosmos and perfection. The geodesic dome is a structure comprised of geodesics, a series of straight lines on a curved space that intersects to form triangles. One of the most significant benefits of this design is that structural stress is distributed evenly throughout, making structures extremely strong despite using very few materials. With the emphasis on sustainability and effi- ciency, Minimal Complexity 2024 collection brings hope to fashion enthusiasts and anyone who wants to experience clothing in a modern way.

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