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Jee Yun Seo

Jee Yun Seo’s Portrait

PLANT is a womenswear collection for S/S 2023. Inspired by the rapid mechanism of the Industrial Revolution and the brave female workforce that fought for their human and equal rights. Historical factory worker`s garments as well as the imposing industrial machines have informed the dark colour palette and strong shapes.

Natural fabrics in cotton, organdie and pleated wools are styled in powerful silhouettes paired with the iconic purple and green ribbon trims that remind us of the suffragettes battle for women`s voices to be heard. Soft puffed sleeves in natural textures and pure colours, knife pleats apron skirts and hard-wearing boiler suits all give this collection a unique style with added functionality. The see-through blouse and the tailored beige trench coat that is decorated with purple and green bows highlights the femininity and the formality in the garment. Handmade macrame details remind us of past craftmanship and the homespun skills of the industrial workers.

The result is a feminine, yet tailored daywear collection for all modern female workers, unrestricted by anything, but not lost from beauty. PLANT is a brand that believes human rights in the fashion industry are just as important today as they ever were and need to be highlighted in unison with sustainability.

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