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Rhiannon Shipton

Rhiannon Shipton’s Portrait

I produced 'The Taste of a Sole,' a short film that revolves around a wine tasting event. In the film, a menacing Sommelier possesses the uncanny ability to discern his customers' darkest secrets simply by tasting the wine they made a month prior to the event. The ambiance of the wine tasting is depicted through the use of red lighting, evocative music, and the Sommelier's unsettling remarks. Our intention was to shed light on the perceived arrogance often associated with the wine tasting community. Wine tasters frequently display condescension towards those unfamiliar with the practice, and this film aims to satirise their attitude and obsession. Producing the film was enjoyable as the themes attracted a range of satire-enthusiastic actors. 'The Taste of a Sole' appeals to both individuals within the wine tasting community and those who perceive wine tasters as arrogant.

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