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Tasneem Abdalmoutalib

Tasneem Abdalmoutalib’s Portrait

I am the producer for Summer Girl. This project was by far the most challenging project I have worked on, however I enjoyed working on it. To me being a producer is more than just paperwork, it is providing the right material to help bring the director’s vision to life. There are many great aspects about producing. I enjoy meeting and talking to new people and while casting people may be difficult at times, I still enjoy the casting process. This project had a lot of energy and emotions as it tells a story of a 10-year-old dealing with the loss of her father whom she looked up to by hiding away in her imagination. Producing this film was fun and exciting because while the themes of the film had sad emotions such as disappointment and grief, the overriding theme in which the story is told is fun, exciting, and bold.

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