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Graphic Communication Design

Hannah McKenna
[ LEVEL seven ]

Hannah McKenna’s Portrait

For this project I was tasked with creating a visual identity for a national festival of skin, that celebrates and educates on skin diversity. The main objective of this project was to address the impact that social media has on teenagers and the young adults of today. The over-exposure to curated imagery can damage body confidence and alter our perceptions of what is normal in our appearance. My approach to this brief was to create a festival that not only addresses skin problems but actively embraces the negative connotations. Using elements such as texture, discolouration, and markings to transform into something positive. The festival entitled Blemish is a 2-day event held in the Phoenix Park that will feature music, dance, art, and guest speakers all centred around self-acceptance and challenging perceptions. The festival’s identity is centred around a heart that contains different segments of skin types. This symbol is used on tickets, band stands, advertising and merchandise. The typography created is rough and imperfect, encapsulating the message of the festival. The main message of this project is to embrace our differences for what they are, unique.

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