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Graphic Design Communication

Xin Nee Liau

Branding- Yukodo Anime Festival
The objective of this project is to brand and design your summer festival without any budget restrictions. I chose to do a branding project for the anime festival.

My anime festival aims to create an immersive and unforgettable experience for anime enthusiasts, celebrating the rich and diverse world of Japanese animation. Through thoughtful planning, creative execution, and attention to detail, this festival will provide a platform for fans to come together, engage in a vibrant community, and explore the captivating realm of anime. Besides, it also aims to promote cultural exchange by highlighting anime and the broader Japanese culture.

Advertising & Promotion- Dial Love Dating Kiosk
The objective of this project is to design a creative solution—a new app or a system that facilitates dating and reconnecting opportunities for people in the post- lockdown period.

I chose to create an innovative kiosk system that brings a refreshing twist to the dating experience. Imagine a world where first impressions aren't based on looks but on genuine connections. By eliminating visual judgments and focusing on meaningful conversations, we are redefining the way people meet and form relationships.

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