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Graphic Communication Design

Till Armbruster
[ LEVEL seven ]

Till Armbruster’s Portrait

When rebranding beauty brand Nyrah Beauty, it is crucial to crystallize the brand's luxurious essence while conveying trust and a scientific background. Before the rebranding, these values ​​were not communicated through the design, so it is even more important to specifically incorporate them now.

To emphasize the luxurious essence of the brand, I expanded the design to include high-quality materials, elegant fonts and sophisticated color palettes. Clean lines and a minimalist layout convey a feeling of sophistication and exclusivity. The use of high-quality product photos and stylish packaging also underlined the luxurious character of the brand.

In order to create trust among users, it is important to show transparency and credibility. This was achieved by incorporating certifications, testimonials and information on ingredients and production processes.

With the second project we had to create a promotion campaign for an icon that is against fossil fuels.

Here I decided to make a zine that can be unfolded into a poster. In the zine you can find various information about climate change and the organisation that wants to take action against it. in the poster my icon is then brought closer to the viewer.

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