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Larisa Ciobanu
[ LEVEL seven ]

Larisa Ciobanu’s Portrait

As an individual project, The Chocolate Factory involves the possibility of converting a protected structure into a collaborative workspace that hosts a small community from different fields working as a group or individually. Our client is a group of small businesses that include fine artists, photographers, web and interior designers, and architects. This is the 1st concrete building in Dublin built in 1910. With its original architectural features of concrete blockwork, metal frame large windows, heavy beams, and a flat roof. For designing I used my concept based on the history of the building, since "cacao beans" are the primary and most important ingredient in chocolate. My goal for this project is to maintain people's well-being while fostering a balanced work environment that will create an ideal environment for the people working there by applying organic shapes, calm colors, and lots of greenery.

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