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Interior Architecture and Design

Lidia Maria Vodita
[ LEVEL seven ]

Lidia Maria Vodita’s Portrait

This project is a proposal for the change of use of the Chocolate factory, a historic and cultural symbol of Dublin 1, into a collaborative office and space for the local community. Balancing the tension between the protected structure and the modular interior, the concept explores the adaptability of the built environment to the shifting needs of various users, materialized through the application of biomimetic principles. The proposed office accommodates various creatives, biologist researchers and 3d printing mechanical engineers. The atmosphere created is malleable. The environment is shaped by the user through flexible spaces, mobile furnishing, and interactive materials, but further, the users shape one another through collaboration, education, and interdisciplinary innovation. Collision points are vital for fostering collaboration and cross-pollination among disciplines. This way, the water fountain becomes the central point of the building by using the primary human need of hydration as a pretext for bringing people together and interacting. 

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